CAC Diagnostics Insurance Company Services

Life Insurance Medical Testing

CAC Diagnostics provides medical testing services for life insurance company risk assessment which includes blood and urine testing to ascertain an applicants health regarding the following:
Elevated cholesterol, the presence of HIV, kidney or liver disorders, smoking ailments diabetes, hepatitis and immune system ailments. In addition, a full panel of drug use scans are available.

Healthcare / Healthplan Insurance Services

In an ever increasingly costly healthcare market, your company must strive to find any means to mitigate expenses to maintain profitability. At CAC Diagnostics, we have test paradigms designed to reduce your healthcare plan overhead and thereby improve your bottom line. CAC Diagnostics provides a wide range of clinical tests to provide evaluation, diagnosis, and continuing care information to healthcare providers. We offer a highly competitive rate structure, volume discounts and rebates, and personalized service second to none. Let us introduce you to a higher standard.

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