Emerging Technology

Connecticut Analytical Corporation has been successful in providing engineering services, commercial manufacturing, expert analysis in legal cases, innovative medical research, and performing cutting edge government sponsored research which includes the National Academy of Science, NASA, US Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, to name a few. CAC has developed new and novel methods for providing noninavsive diagnostic medical testing and CAC has an excellent reputation and is known world wide for our variety of gas detection and monitoring equipment for use in specialized medical applications such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

CAC Diagnostics is currently perfecting new proprietary technologies that do not depend on traditional wet chemistry clinical methods and technologies suited for chemical & biological counter-terrorism defense. All research operations are under the direction of our VP Research, Dr. John B. Fenn, 2002 Nobel Laureate Chemistry. Our Scientific Advisory Board includes leading scientists and medical professionals from MIT, Yale, Cal-Tech, University of Colorado Health Science Center, to name a few.